Become a member is a UISP affiliated amateur sports association and recognized by CONI (<- certificate). To access initiatives of any kind, it is therefore necessary to be a member.

To book your SAILING COURSE, follow the procedure of points 1, 2 and 3

The association is open to all by:

  1. Forward to the address of the application (PDF click the link to download the file) completed in each field and countersigned

  2. Forward to the address of the copy of the FITNESS CERTIFICATE FOR NON-AGONIST SPORTS ACTIVITY DM 24.04.2013

  3. Forward to the address of the accountant of the bank transfer, equal to 50% of the sailing course purchased *

*this amount includes the annual registration to which includes the membership, the UISP type A insurance (Tessera Atleta Base, from the age of 17 insurance coverage of the UISP) and allows participation in the social life as well as the shareholders’ meetings convened annually.

The Shareholder is entitled to request the activation, on a paying basis, of supplementary policies, always within the same agreement, for info contact usInformation on the coverage provided by the various policies is available on UISP website.

bank details of the association

Account held to: GARDAINVELA.COM Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica
IBAN: IT51O0311111238000000001242
At: Gruppo UBI BANCA