About us

Who we are and why we do sailing courses

The Amateur Sport Association gardainvela.com was founded after the deep and profound passion of boat sailing of two men: Santo e Vittorio.

So now in every season of the year, you can find them sailing in the waters of Lake Garda, sometimes of the Adriatic see, of Greece, of the Tyrrhenian see, both for the delight of cruising and for challenging sailing lessons.

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Our idea

Our aim is to share our passion with as many people as possible. We try to get know boat sailing to those who are curious and those who want to try sailing even for the first time. But we want to be a solid point of reference for those who have already experienced the feels of a sailing boat.

For those who like quieter trips we offer some special journeys that are designed on purpose to discover the wonders of Lake Garda as they can be seen from the lake itself, and also to sail around small islands, to anchor on the best beaches, to photograph the most wonderful panoramas.

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